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GE Digital

Project Type

Social Media Design
Data Visualization
Motion Design


Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Project 1: I had the privilege of working with our senior motion designer on a project for GE Digital, to create a more efficient process for our graphic and motion designers. This involved creating a motion design project from scratch, starting with a mood board for inspiration, then drawing out a storyboard flow, compiling that into a rough animatic, designing style frames, and finally animating the full video. By doing this, we were able to streamline our creative workflow and ensure that our team would be more productive in future projects.

Project 2: I designed an Instagram carousel infographic for GE Digital's social media platforms, with a focus on delivering easy-to-digest information in a seamless swiping experience. The design adhered to the company's brand guidelines while incorporating creative elements to make the infographic stand out.

Project 3: For GE Digital's LinkedIn account, I was tasked with designing the style for a direct-to-camera video. After finalizing the design, I handed off the project to one of our motion designers to complete the animation. The resulting video stayed true to the company's brand guidelines while incorporating elements that made it engaging and informative for viewers. It was rewarding to see the final product posted to GE Digital's LinkedIn page and to know that my design helped to elevate the company's online presence.

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