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Halo Top

Project Type

Motion Design


Spring 2023

As the lead graphic designer on this project, I had the privilege of spearheading a collaborative effort with Halo Top, a celebrated ice cream brand, for an impactful video project intended for internal use within their pitch deck. Working closely with a talented motion designer, our mission was to visually communicate Halo Top's exceptional growth in the fiercely competitive ice cream market. Despite facing tight deadlines, we crafted a mesmerizing hype video that seamlessly merged animated charts and graphs to emphasize the company's key performance indicators (KPIs). Moreover, we showcased Halo Top's irresistible array of top flavors and innovative new popsicles, presenting a visual feast for ice cream enthusiasts worldwide. To further amplify the brand's success, we incorporated engaging footage of influencers delighting in Halo Top's delectable treats at vibrant pop-up events. This project stands as a testament to Halo Top's achievements and our unwavering dedication to delivering a visually stunning and captivating experience to audiences.

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